Feb. 28th, 2013

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Episode Title: Kill House (LA 4.14)
Caf-Pow rating: 4 cafpows
I really enjoyed this episode. I am a fan of most episodes Dave Kalstein writes and this one in particular because of all the tactical/military role playing. When they are able to communicate with touches and signs it makes them seem so together as a team. I also appreciate that Dave Kalstein went through real kill houses in preparation for writing this episode.
It starts off with a military team being ambushed. Then we see Sam switching desks and it really is something only Sam would do. Kensi gets attached to things too easily, Deeks just wants to be settled, and Callen is very much a creature of habit as loathe as he would be to admit it. For being their secret base of operations they sure have things sent there a lot. If is in fact still supposed to be condemned who is delivering these packages and not asking questions. Nell sent herself flowers and now Kensi gets a box, that if she didn't send to herself means someone else sent it and knew enough to address it to the mission. Also, I understand that opening the package would be illegal, but would googling the return address be illegal or just rude?
Jump to the 'kill house' and the pairs discussing the run-through. We actually see Kensi admit to nervousness to Deeks, which seems huge. I mean she doesn't like to show weakness ever. After they fail the mission they are getting a debrief from the trps. Parish is trying to get under their skin and we see Kensi being okay with Deeks coming to her defense.
They go through the next senario at a recently closed restaurant. More 'civilians', but they go in better prepared to be a team. Deeks launches himself over some stairs and onto Inman, taking him down with no problem. They get to the car only to find it won't start and a tear gas bomb goes off. I'm not sure how they were supposed to prevent the car tampering without separating, but I guess that's why I'm not involved in military tactics. Then we find out that Parish is dead. LAPD comes in to investigate, which to me causes two problems. One, I know that LAPD is probably pretty big, but the chances of someone recognizing Deeks would be pretty high I would assume. Also, even if they are pretending to be a tactical team could they not be a navy tactical team and just have a team from another office sent in to investigate? Maybe that last one is a stretch, but it seems more logical than bringing in another office all together. They send Kensi and Deeks after Inman and call Nell out. Suddenly Callen, Sam, and Nell are the only people at a crime scene that isn't even theirs. Then after an inspirational story Callen and Sam get a call from Hetty that Granger is meeting up with Inman at the boat-shed, which also seems to get a lot of visitors. I understand that it is less secret, but to get to the team all you would have to do is stake out the boat-shed and just follow them from there. They leave Nell, which even I can see is a bad idea. I know she has some training, but these guys think that the team are a tactical team and they obviously have no qualms with killing anyone in their way, even the 'friends' Inman had on the last team.
Back to the boat-shed where we find out that Granger who set this whole thing up knows Inman. He lies, or in his case speaks, to Inman and then lets him go. They all go back to ops and realize that Nell is missing. They end up back at the kill house and having to run it for real. They get through only to realize that Inman has Nell as a human shield and a gun pointed at the team. I know that they picked that gun specifically so that she could de-mag it, but he didn't actually have the gun pointed at her and if he were going to shoot her he would have had to move to the point that one of the team would have had a shot. That being said a handgun would have been next to impossible for her to de-mag if it was pointed at her head. Also, de-maging the gun doesn't automatically take all the bullets. If he had the gun ready to fire one bullet would have been in the chamber and I imagine with his training when Nell started moving he still might have hit one of the team, but that is probably being a little too nit-picky.
I hope they eventually resolve what's in the box for Deeks sanity. I love the scenes with Deeks and Kensi bantering. The part where they are in the car and they are saying how "the box" won't change anything and if they opened "the box" then at least they would know, was clever. Having them tell Jenna Parish that they understood what they had to give up to live the way they do was kind of heart breaking. This is the part of the review where you find out I am not good at empathy: Chad Parish was kind of a douche bag and I know that his wife loved him, but she is probably better off raising that kid without him. I'm not saying I was wishing for his death, but it seemed like she was really suffering with his life choices and now she can just tell their child that he was a hero, like people often do when loved ones die.
Hetty showing Callen how easily they could become Granger was a nice touch. I appreciate that they had him apologize even while saying that he would probably do it again. It seems like they are having Nell and Callen be closer. Callen's voice broke while ranting to Hetty about Nell being put in danger. I really like Eric, but the way that they constantly make him the drama queen of the group makes him look silly. Also, I personally don't buy him and Nell as anything, but friends.
I understand that after reading that one would wonder what it was that I actually liked about that episode, but I really find all the tactical planning and team work fascinating and other than things that they did either for simpleness sake or for show, it was a really good episode.
Word Count: 1092 (I get a little ranty and ramble-y when I love something or loathe it.)

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