Apr. 8th, 2013

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I know that some of you are very athletic, but, it was pretty warm this weekend so, I went out and walked at the park two days in a row and the second day nearly walked a mile and a half. I was kinda proud. I figure if I can do that a couple of times a week with Henry and maybe Patrick that I can lose a little of this weight. I'm not looking to be super skinny, but I could definitely fit back into my pre-baby clothes and be thrilled. I also need to eat better, but I know that walking at the park is a much better starting point than saying I'm going to eat better.

WARNING/DANGER WILL ROBINSON: I realized after I wrote this that I go into a long ramble about religion and I did not intend to alienate or offend anyone. I hope that I didn't! But I've put it under a cut, so feel free to skip it. Or if you want to look at the pictures and just skip the second paragraph. It is not my intent to convert you I was just trying to provide info for those not familiar with infant baptism/Christening. I love all of you!

Henry's Christening )
*Pastor John started his career as a country music songwriter. I don't know much country music, but he co-wrote: Jenny Come Back by Helen Darling, Look at Me Now and So Much For Pretending (both by Bryan White), and Imagine That by Diamond Rio.


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