Apr. 18th, 2013

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So for our insurance this next year we had to do a physical. Which is cool, I just had to remember to do it. I had mine Tuesday. I don't remember the last time I had a physical. I go to the doctor every 3-6 months for my anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds. Anyway they had to take my blood pressure twice because I never have high blood pressure and I was so nervous trying to fill out the questionnaire that it made my lower number a little high. Anyway I was going through and came across the 'how long ago was your last tetanus shot' question. Maybe high school? So I had to get a tetanus/whooping cough shot, which has made my arm ache and me just feel crappy.
And they did blood work and I had to pee in a cup, which always takes me by surprise for some reason. I put on the gown and we did a breast exam, she said everything was fine just a little scar tissue, which for the breast reduction was amazingly unnoticeable. Yay, Dr. Taylor! When they first did the breast reduction, Patrick and I used to call them franken-boobies. You actually have to look really close to see the scars now.
Anyway, the nurse called today and I am Vitamin D deficient. Like it's supposed to be between 30 and 100 and mine's 10. My friend at work said jokingly, well maybe if you actually went outside. I'm so white, I burn through hotel rooms, so people mock. So I have to go tonight and get Vitamin D pills.
What I really need to do is get on a routine of exercising. Before Henry I weighed 160 and could have lost a bit without missing it. Now I weigh 184 and I need to work on that. Also my average sugar was right at the limit of normal. So basically I need to be healthier. Which I am terrible at.


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