May. 15th, 2013

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My step-mom went into acute renal failure on Sunday. One doctor put her in the hospital even though it was borderline renal failure, but then another doctor came in and told her she shouldn't be there, that she should just go home and stop oding on diuretics. I think her doctor has her talking like eight because she was so filled up with fluid. So after she fought with the second doctor she checked herself out against medical advice.

Then she tries calling her regular doctor and her argues with her about renal failure and diuretics. They end up deciding to drop the diuretics, but she still ends up taking one because her bp skyrocketed. I can't seem to get the right information from any of them. My dad texted to say that they didn't have any new info the next day and I wanted to yell because I didn't actually have any information at that point.

She's supposed to go for bloodwork today. She didn't like her gi doctor, apparently he said that all doctors up north were useless. He also could have said that it's a shame her doctors didn't catch her cirrhosis of the liver and she just took it wrong. Anyway, she's sure that he has put something in her chart about being difficult.

I just want more information.


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