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Episode Title: The Job (2.20NCIS: LA)
Caf-Pow rating: 4 Caf-pows
Review: 1021-words
I really liked this episode and I think it was a turning point for Kensi and Deeks. Two guys in masks break into a Camp Pendleton warehouse and one makes enough noise to get caught and then won't drop his gun and gets shot. The other guy leaves him there with a get-away car that I'm not sure how it got on base. Anyway, the guy who got shot is named Asher and he is whiny and really nervous and talky. Callen and Sam say that Kensi should be used to someone talking all the time. G and Sam get a name with a Kumani, which is actually pretty awesome little con. I love the small things that Callen and Sam pull off, that all have names and are amazing. My favorite is Mr. Carl.
Next we see someone breaking into a lovely home, which we find out is King's (the non bullet holed burglar) house and it turns out that the burglar's burglar is Kensi. Side note, that is a beautiful house and I love the architecture. "Lisa" claims to have learned B&E from a misspent youth, but Eric quickly tells everyone that he taught her. Nell and Eric commiserate over never getting any credit and are kinda right. They do a lot of work and everyone always thanks the agents. And I know that maybe they just don't show it, but they get left out of being asked to go get dinner or a drink because they are upstairs and no one thinks. While I was not fond of Nell at first she has really grown on me and I enjoy the friendship of Eric and Nell. Deeks is concerned that he's never heard Kensi sound like that before, but the guys mock him for not knowing that she is trying to seduce King.
Kensi takes King to Asher and Asher backs up her story and King straight up murders him, right in front of her. He tells her to take care of the body and then they can talk money. Deeks gets to Kensi and asks how she is and she says 'fine'. He already knows that fine means anything but fine in Kensiland. So he tells her to hang out by the car and calls Hetty to see if they can't just charge King with murder and forget this whole op, but Hetty wants to make sure the whys of the burglary.
So King starts to research Kensi's alias's history and he's getting to the end of the backstop and so Callen and Sam have to distract him. The redhead he was meeting with starts to leave and Deeks pretends to get hit by her car. They find out her name is Patricia and they bring her in for questioning and when she tells them what she knows they turn her over to LAPD.
Kensi ends up at King's house again and some guys show up with Patricia. Of course the guys blame Deeks for this, because LAPD should have kept her longer and apparently that is entirely on Deeks. It makes me sad sometimes how they treat Deeks. King shoves Kensi in the pool and everyone things that he is trying to kill her, but in fact he is saving her from the bomb that immediately explodes. The aftermath of that is that all communication with Kensi is lost. So they have to try to figure out why he took her.
Turns out he wants to break back into the warehouse on base for a green dragon, that might or might not have stolen or illegal goods inside it. The guys are all waiting at the warehouse and catch them before they can leave and Kensi starts away from King, but he grabs her and holds her at gunpoint. She ends up saving herself, gets punched in the face for it. Deeks then punches King in the face 'for hitting his partner'. Deeks hurts his hand, which makes me happy, because people who don't hurt themselves punching someone aren't really hitting them. It hurts, which I know from listening to the Fired Up commentary.
Sam and Callen are going to eat, but Deeks and Kensi both pass. Kensi tells Deeks that she's fine, but then thinks better and says good.
Kensi is lounging at her house, when there is a knock at the door and when she looks it's Deeks she sees. He says he was going to call, but he was already out front so it was redundant. But he specifically went and got her food and could have called at any time, however he knew if he called she would say not to come check on her, so he just showed up with her kryptonite: food. He makes fun of her messy house and they start watching Top Model. This marks the first time they hang out outside of work, that I remember. I love that them hanging out is just beers and stupid tv.
I like that we see how very observance Deeks is in this episode with him noticing that Kensi only uses fine, when she's not and identifying Patricia with the bracelets. He also, calls Hetty and questions why she is doing something, which is either because he is still new and unaware that that is extremely dangerous or he cares about Kensi enough to stand up for her to Hetty. He also goes and checks on her after the op and I think it's because he can relate to not being able to stop things in an undercover op, but he's smart enough to know that he can't go in with caring and understanding or Kensi will run away. So he goes with friendship and beer/food. I also love that having experienced something kinda traumatic and having questioned herself, Deeks can still make Kensi smile. When he gets 'hit' by Patricia's car she is sitting in the driver seat trying not to laugh. For me this is the first time that we see that they are good for each other, even if they don't notice it at all.
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