Oct. 29th, 2013

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Yesterday morning was Henry's last dose of anti-biotic for his ear infection. At noon the daycare called and let me know that they thought he had hand, foot, and mouth disease. Took him to the dr. and he did. His ear infection was gone though. HFMD is viral and there's nothing they can do. The dr did call in some medicated butt cream because the blisters on his butt (which we had assumed were from the really strong anti-biotic) if they burst could get infected. Patrick's great aunt died on Thursday and the funeral was last night, but Henry's appt wasn't until 5 so we couldn't make it up there. His mom was upset at the daycare, but I think she was just really sad at not getting to see him. Anyway, Patrick stayed up at his parents overnight and Henry was inconsolable the entire night. His diaper is rough on his bottom, but the cream hurts him too. He couldn't sleep so I didn't sleep and as soon as Patrick got home I came on in to work. I am the walking dead right now.

I just started watching Sons of Anarchy (because I really liked Pacific Rim and Charlie Hunnam is in both) and really like it.

There is probably more I meant to write, but I'm gonna go now.


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