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Title: Anger
Part: 1/?
Pairing: Nell/Callen
Word Count: 290

Part 1
“Janvier is going after the people important to me, Hetty. I’m going to ask you something and I don’t have time to answer questions right now, so I just need you to do what I’m asking.”
“Mr. Callen, why do you think I would argue?”
“Hetty, I need you to keep Nell in ops. Don’t let her go home, or out to get lunch, just make sure she stays in the building.”
“Just Miss Jones?"
"Too many people have gotten hurt in this investigation because of me. So just tell me that you will do this and we can talk about it when Janvier is caught.”
“I will do as you ask, but Mr. Callen, Miss Jones will not take kindly to knowing that you are dictating her actions.”
“Well, when I catch Janvier she can explain in detail how angry she is, but at least she will be able to explain.”
“Hetty, hey, I was just gonna go get some lunch, would you like anything?”
“Miss Jones, I need to ask that you not leave the mission.”
“I’m sorry?” Nell said confused, “ Am I in trouble or…”
“Mr. Callen called earlier and insisted I promise him that you would not leave this building.”
“Fine, if you don’t mind I’ll go back up to my cell, I mean ops.”
“Dear, I’m sure that Mr. Callen was not trying to insult you. Is there something you would like to have someone fetch for you?”
“No, I have things I can eat here, I was just in the mood for something else.”
“You are taking this much better than I hoped, let me know if there is anything I can do.”
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