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Prompt: Feelings
Part: 2/3
Pairing: Kensi/Deeks
Warning: AU of Season 4 finale.
Word Count: 272

Deeks wakes up to beeping noises and white walls that tell him he’s in a hospital. Sam comes in and says that a nurse is on her way in. Deeks doesn’t remember much, but his whole body hurts. “Hey, man, don’t move. Just relax, okay?” Sam is being surprisingly nice, which must mean he’s bad off.
“Am I going to make it?” Deeks asks not really sure he wants to know the answer.
“Yep, told you, bullet missed everything vital, you’ll be back to driving us crazy in no time.”
“Hey, Sam, what I said before, what I told you to tell Kensi, just, just forget it man. I was being crazy.”
“Deeks, I won’t tell her, but I think that you should. You saved Michelle’s life and I owe you my life for that, but we work in a dangerous line of work and you shouldn’t miss one day you could be spending with her. You obviously have strong feelings and maybe you don’t see it, but she does too.”
Kensi rushes in, “Oh my God, Deeks! What the hell were you thinking, you almost died. What the hell is wrong with you!”
“Well, Kens, I live to make you crazy,” Deeks says smiling painfully, while Sam steps out.
“I’m with Callen tailing Janvier and Eric tells us that you are on the way to the hospital with a gunshot wound. I thought you were backup; why are you shot and Sam and Michelle fine?”
As Kensi is asking the pain medicine kicks in and Deeks starts drifting off to sleep.
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