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Prompt: Accidental Proposal
Part: 1/1
Pairing: Kensi/Deeks
Warning: Spoilers for 5.02
Word Count: 369

“So we keep eating every meal together and hanging out, what are we doing?” Deeks asked hesitantly.
“We don’t eat every meal together, we just get breakfast as we drive in in the mornings and we get lunch while we’re out on cases and then we... get dinner.” Kensi said defensively.
“Was that you proving my point or trying to argue, cause your technique needs work.” Deeks teased.
“Why do you have to label anything?” Kensi asked.
“Oh, right, cause I put myself out there kissing you. And then I put myself out there telling you about where my mind went to escape torture, so I kinda just want to know if we are on the same page or if you are just not wanting to damage my already fragile psyche.”
“I bought you a cronut and I let you pick where we eat.” Kensi offered.
“Ate. You let me pick once. And buying me a delicious and rare pastry, while wonderful, could easily be a ‘I hope you are feeling better after all the torture’ pastry. And not a ‘I’m glad we kissed and your last thought would have been of me’ pastry.
“See and I just figured that you knew that I almost lost it when you went missing and then we found you and you dropped out of sight again. I kept trying to call and come over and you never answered, so I didn’t want to push and I was just alone, because my best friend and the person that I have confusing feelings about didn’t want to talk to me.” Kensi explained sadly.
“Kens, look at me, I’ve never been so happy, then I am with you, and I want to spend my life making you happy, too! If you’ll let me.” Deeks confessed.
“Did you just accidentally propose to me?” Kensi asked feeling shocked and confused.
“Maybe? But all I have is this ring pop?” Deeks laughed.
“Deeks, look, I’m bad with guys and for some reason they tend to leave so if we could just start slow.” Kensi said hurriedly.
“Fern, I know, I just want to be able to be something with you, something more than friends and work partners.”


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