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I haven't written in a while. We had a plan involving three parts for Thanksgiving and two of the three parts had to get moved around so that was a mess. My aunt wanted a picture with her boys, so after a huge thing (my cousin throwing a fit because it wasn't exactly they way she wanted) and cancelling it at least once, Henry cried almost the entire time. They did get one picture with him not crying, but that place was packed and I kinda wanted to cry too.

My dad and stepmom moved their thing to three/three-thirty on Saturday and then when we got there at three-thirty, the only things done were the turkey and seven of the ten desserts. We finally ate around 7. And she made sure to take the opportunity to tell me how stressful hosting was and was I sure I wanted to do Christmas at my house. Literally the only reason we are doing it at my house is so that they can be a part of Christmas on Christmas. Also, their plan for Thanksgiving day was to call the local orphanage and see if they couldn't take a kid for the day. I kid you not. I didn't even bother to tell them that I don't think that you can just borrow the kids, they kinda want you to take them long term.

Last Tuesday, [profile] mawychick read as Mary of Bethany (Mary and Martha), I was Mary the mother of Jesus, and our friend Bailey was Mary Magdalene at a women's candlelight advent thing at our church. I don't do well in front of people, but I also am really bad at saying no. Luckily there was cake, so it all worked out in the end.

Henry still has an ear infection so he has had to back on the stuff that gives him near constant diarrhea. He is a not a happy camper.

I go roller skating with a group of friends most Mondays and it's normally just us and a few other people. Well three weeks ago, there was a whole group of boy scouts. It was really crowded with a lot of beginners. I was trying to miss a kid who was flailing on my right and this other lady was trying to miss a boy flailing on her left and bumped me and we both went down. I still have a bruise.

At some point in there I had food poisoning or a stomach bug. It wasn't pretty.

Went to see Catching Fire on Saturday. I loved it, it was my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy and the film, just made everything so real. Their hurt and anger.

I have been having a hard time with lying about Santa, now Henry is only vaguely aware anyway, but I like to be honest with every one. I loved Santa as a child, but it just seems mean to lie for several years and then just tell them. Mary said well (this guy we know)'s parents never told him about Santa. And I said, but he married a crazy person. She appreciated that I saw her hidden point. I understand that either way it's not actually going to ruin his life, I just feel guilty.

Here are some pictures of Henry and a video:
 photo picstitch_zps31bdbaa7.jpg

Him being King of all he surveys:
 photo photo_zpsec4cfcc5.jpg

Him throwing Christmas ornaments (or balls) at Patrick's parents house. I then made him pick them up:
 photo photo_zpsa2b4b044.jpg

He's laughing at one of the cats.
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