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I got a new to me car on Sat. It's a '99 Ford Explorer. I love it! I just wanted something blue with cupholders so it met all my criteria. I feel not so good today since I ate lunch. Oh well. See yous later.
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I went to the circus last night and that was great fun. I enjoyed it even though they only had one ring. My car broke an axel when I got to the garage where I park this morning. I was planning on buying a new car anyway, just not this weekend. Oh well, it could have been so much worse, I was already where I needed to be and I wasn't on the interstate where I could have caused a wreck. It's my first car so it made me sad to see it drive away on that tow truck this morning. I let you know how car shopping goes.
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We went Movie Quote Bowling last night, I did pretty darn good for me. I got 84, 99(!!!), and 82. Which are excellent scores for me. I have fun and that's all that matters. I have my sinus infection back so more, stronger medicine this time. Two antibiotics every day and a prednisone pack I have to go through. I tired of being sick. This morning at the parking garage I use one of the ladies that work there stoped me and the mech. arm came down ON MY CAR. No damage but still. Plus I over slept. This day can only get better.
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I have been lax in my lj updates. The wedding is rushing towards us and we are trying to be prepared. The move went well, and I thoroughly enjoy the apt. I miss my mom, but she visits. I've had a sinus infection the past couple of days, but am feeling on the better side of bad. That's pretty much it, I think.


Jul. 9th, 2005 10:58 pm
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I went to the lake today, yes me!! Albino/vampiresqe me. I got to ride, drive, and fall off a jet ski. I also got a little burnt. It was awsome. That's all for today.


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