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Last year Patrick did a 365 photo project and this year he is doing a music project (a song every three weeks). This morning he had me listen to a song he had written for me. Yay. It's awesome and you should check it out. While you are there check out the pictures too. I may be a little biased, but I think he's good.
This is a link to my husband blog.

In other news today has gone much better than yesterday. Also, I managed to clean a George Foreman grill with a wet cloth while it was on (which was Patrick's idea since we lost the cleaning fork). And make burgers on it without burning or in any way maiming myself. I was really proud of that.

Ncis season finale is tonight and I'm literally having trouble concentrating. Plus, I have to wait to watch it until I get home around 10.
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 So Sean (my dad) and I are not that close, but when my mom was sick he and Jackie (my step-mom) really helped out.  We are both trying to be better about keeping in touch.  Well I epic failed.  I haven't ever done anything for Jackie's birthday before so I thought I would make her some dishclothy things (she had mentioned the her grandkids lost interest in knitting before she got them to make anything).  I wrote her birthday on the wrong day and it was Sunday and I totally missed it.  So I suck.
On a brighter note I made pizza all by myself last night.  Mostly I just put pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni on a crust, but I didn't set off the fire alarm and that a start.  Also, I bought Juno and watched it again and it was just as good the second time.  And apparently I have burning my house down to look forward to on Friday (we're trying out a new grill that neither of us knows how to use).


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