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I'm going to wallow in misery for a minute and then move on so if you want to skip this first bit that's okay. My friend that was going to the cayman's got the job, so gone for two years and who know's what she'll do when she get's back. Right now, she's gotten a job with a temp agency, which is (office work) pretty much what she was doing here. With the exception of M.E. and Rachelle all of Patrick's friends wives/girlfriends are VERY girly. That's just not me and so we don't have a lot to talk about. And the ones that are normal have full-time jobs and kids and they live an hour away. Both my best friends are going. I love Patrick, but I just need someone to complain about him to and talk about how cramps suck and just not my "facial routine". Anyway.

I have made the biggest knitting accomplishment since I learned how, I was inspired by Samilia's(I don't know how to make the names all highlighted, it's been a while since I last did it) wristwarmers so when Mawy was over on Friday she helped me pick out a pattern and I now have learned how to circular knit and how to cable and I have an awesome pair of wristwarmers! Yay!

Also, we went to middle of nowhere Virginia on Sunday and drove around for 3 or 4 hours. It's a long story, but we saw buffalo and zebra. I kid you not someone had zebras for pets or Patrick said maybe livestock. Okay 1, where do you get zebras? Is there a catalog, do you need a special permit. 2, if they're livestock what do they do? Can you ride them, milk them, or (eww) eat them? We really thought his mom had lost her mind when she said "hey, look zebras". Also we were in a "town" that was so small the people in the car from Tazewell were mocking it! I swear I was not drunk and had not consumed any non-prescribed drugs and their were four other people who saw it too.
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We were home for the ice yesterday and watched Batman Begins and then I wanted to see the trailer for The Dark Knight again. Two hours later we turned on the tv to watch another dvd and across the bottom of the screen it says that Heath Ledger is dead. I'm sorry what? So I yell at Patrick to come look and we are just in shock. I loved him. I think what shocks me the most is that he just isn't (wasn't) the partying type. He was a father, and his daughter will probably never have a memory of him, she's only 18 months old. She's who I feel the worst for. The first time I ever saw him was in a tv show called Roar. It just seems so... They say it was an accident, but all anyone is going to remember about him in a few years is that he o.d.ed. It seems silly to be so upset about someone I never met, but I..just..am. On tv they kept showing the body bag coming out of the apartment building and I just couldn't look away.


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