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A (not really) brief history. Bob(not his real name) is a friend I met through my husband who went to high school with Bob's now ex-wife Sally (not her real name). Bob is gay, he and Sally both knew that before getting married, but he wanted a family and they I think at one time loved each other. They have an seven year old daughter who is really taking everything in stride. Sally tends to be a bit cold towards people and ended up having an affair. Bob and Sally were unhappy for many years before that. Bob is a drama queen and has never lived on his own. So when they separated he went through boyfriends like hankies, just to have someone near him. He also called me everyday, "when can you come over" etc. My husband was really hurt, because Sally just stopped talking to everyone. Changed her phone and we heard nothing for a year. Except for from Bob who was of course really negative. Well Bob had a pot problem, that put him in the hospital and into rehab (but "that isn't why he was there" according to him). He has a multitude of issues that he is going to therapy for, but he has alienated a lot of our friends. He also had a really hard time understanding why his daughter at six/seven didn't really get her dad being gay. And according to one of our friend's brother, A (who is also gay) Bob tried to hit on him right after A came out and while Bob was still married. Which Bob would deny, but A is really sincere and so sweet it would never occur to him to make that up. Bob also brought pot to a friends house (without informing them) and then when A was too drunk to stand gave it to him. Then Bob said I've never been high and drunk can you watch me. He's 39 and this was a few months ago. He is also a evangelical atheist. I don't care what you believe, just don't push it on me.

Anyway, Sally called this week to tell us she was getting remarried, did we want to come over and have dinner one night. And would Patrick be interested in taking the wedding pictures (he does that on the side). Only the wedding is June 3 and my due date is June 11, so he is hesitant to say yes. Also, we haven't talked to her a in a year, but whatever.

Bob then emails to say "hey can you email all my friends and tell them I'm having a big party for my fortieth birthday." Well the birthday thing was at a friends house who was seriously pissed that he brought pot. A's sister and brother-in-law are still hurt that he hit on A when he was trying to figure out his life. I know he has their emails, but he thinks that they might come if I ask.


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