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So I went to church yesterday and [profile] mawychick brought me breakfast that her husband had made. I had an egg and cheese biscuit and a biscuit with pumpkin butter. My throat started itching and my eyes started watering and I said "Mary did the pumpkin butter have sunflower seed oil, because I might be having anaphylaxis." So we called her husband and he sent a picture of the ingredient list. No sunflower seed oil, which means I am deathly allergic to something else also. We think it might be the nutmeg, which would make the most sense, since it is used with cinnamon a lot and I know I'm not allergic to cinnamon. And today I woke up with spots all over me. I don't know if it's a delayed secondary reaction or what. Patrick said nature was trying to kill me. I try to avoid the "all natural" things because they use sunflower seed oil rather than soybean oil. I actually had a mild allergic reaction just walking into the food co-op one time.
Other than that I had a good birthday. My dad and step-mom and the kids came and took us to lunch. The kids started school and they were telling me about that. Bless Jessica's heart she was so popular up in Jersey, she's having a hard time adjusting. Nathanial on the other hand has already made a hand full of friends and they only went two days last week.


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