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I go to see my new therapist for the second time today. She had me watch a documentary called Happy, which I really enjoyed. She seems like a good fit and I'm glad. She was also willing to talk about all the things that were bothering me, not just the worst one.

I told Patrick's mom and dad that I wanted to get Henry christened and that went over a lot better than I thought. I figured they would be iffy about getting him christened in the Lutheran church, but they just said that of course they would want to be there. The problem now is finding a way of getting them and Patrick off from church on the same Sunday.

My stepmom is going off her meds for a sleep study, but I could tell them that that is a terrible idea. She called last night and left a message saying they hadn't heard from me in weeks and weeks (I called last weekend and talked to my dad). Sorry, I have a new therapist so you all shouldn't have to listen to me whine.

Henry is reaching for things and has found his feet. Unfortunately, he's so long he can't get his feet to his mouth (where he puts everything). We are almost certain he is starting to teeth and so he is kinda on the fussy side. He really hates 'tummy time' which is supposed to help babies develop muscles for crawling. My theory is that he's never seen anyone crawl, even my cousin's son that he is with during the week is walking and so he has no interest in crawling he is ready to walk. Unfortunately his body isn't with him on that, but he loves his jumperoo and exersaucer and can turn himself all the way around in both contraptions. He rolls onto his stomach and then gets really mad that he's on his stomach. Yeah, I'm totally that person who shows everyone pictures of my baby.

Henry in his play-yard(I swear we have pants for him, but no one but me will put them on):

Just after a bath:
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Patrick's sugar crashed about four this morning. He was drinking coke and it was still dropping. It got down to the fifties (normal is 70-130). Then right after he got his sugar under control Henry decided that 4:30 was a good a time as any to wake up for the day. I have been really dizzy the last few days. I have also been really down lately. My meds were working fine until I started back on birth control. I don't know if the dizziness and/or depression has anything to do with that, but that's all that I can think of that's different. Anyway, I'm completely useless today.


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