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Well, I haven't been to the gym in a least a week. I have also been eating terribly because I like to eat my feelings and I'm a bit of a wreck. However, after Henry's teacher called Monday to say that they wanted me to know that he had been there for 2 or 3 hours and was still really upset, he has gotten better every day. He still cries when I drop him off, but he doesn't follow me to the door sobbing and yelling. Today was picture day and he wore overalls and a plaid shirt.

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All I ever feel is guilty.

Henry started daycare yesterday. He did really well for his first day, he didn't cry when I left, I didn't cry when I left, he ate good, he wasn't feeling the mat for nap, but they rocked him a little and he did fine. I only called twice. Then I got a call from them, he had tried to climb the sink stairs, fallen, and hit his head. They called to warn me that there would be an accident report with his daily page. They said he didn't even cry he just kept saying fall, fall. On the report it says action taken and they wrote "looked over the area with the bump and showed lots of love." It was sweet and made me smile. They also said that at music time he kept trying to sing with whatever they were playing.

He did fine this morning too, but then when I called they said that he had been more emotional today. That he was fine right then, but that he had more ups and downs than yesterday, which almost made me cry. He's fine and I know that he's fine, but it makes my heart hurt that daycare is a big change and it's hard for a little guy.

Then I feel guilty for feeling sad about him doing okay with a big change when other people have actual problems. Don't get me wrong I'm not sad that he's doing okay, I'm just sad that he so little and he's having to deal with a huge change for his little world.

Henry and I went up Sunday to my dad and Jackie's. She's going to have the surgery to remove the mass in her abdomen sometime in October allegedly. They had the RV back from the shop, so Sean wanted to show it to me. He turned it on and said that they didn't have the levelers (or anchors or whatever) down so he wouldn't show me the slides. He and I were looking around and I look behind me and Henry has climbed into the drivers seat grabbed the wheel and was making car noises. It's a nice older RV, it has two slides and a really nice little tub/shower. Then Sean started to put out the one slide and I panicked. Full disclosure: I have a phobia of anything on wheels larger than a 15 passenger van. I am absolutely convinced that they are going to turn over. It took me years to be okay in cars and vans, but I just have panic attacks when I am on buses or RV's, where you can feel the weight shift. Just thinking about it is making my heart pound. Even still cars or vans parked on any kind of incline make me break out in a cold sweat and have trouble breathing. So I told Sean not to put the slide out that it was fine and then I grabbed Henry and ran outside. I then had to explain my extreme fear of large vehicles. I HATE feeling afraid of anything. I just do whatever it is until I don't fear it anymore, with two exceptions: my fear of large vehicles rolling over and my fear of worms.

Wow that is much longer than I meant for it to be.
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Grammy, Grampa and Aunt Zoe took Henry to the zoo on Friday. There are pictures but I think they are on Zoe's phone. He was pretty unimpressed overall, but the otters were putting on a show so he liked that and there was a truck you could pretend to drive and he loved that. They took him through the petting zoo, but he didn't want to get too close. The lady offered him a hairbrush and they had to grab it away because he likes to beat things with it and they didn't want him to swing at the animals. Then they went to the McDonalds where he had a sprite and an ice cream cone. The last hour he was awake was spent running up and down the hallway with his hands over his head screaming. And they wonder why he's crazy sometimes with them?!? They don't give him naps and they fill him up with sugar, of course he doesn't know what to do with that.
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I know that some of you are very athletic, but, it was pretty warm this weekend so, I went out and walked at the park two days in a row and the second day nearly walked a mile and a half. I was kinda proud. I figure if I can do that a couple of times a week with Henry and maybe Patrick that I can lose a little of this weight. I'm not looking to be super skinny, but I could definitely fit back into my pre-baby clothes and be thrilled. I also need to eat better, but I know that walking at the park is a much better starting point than saying I'm going to eat better.

WARNING/DANGER WILL ROBINSON: I realized after I wrote this that I go into a long ramble about religion and I did not intend to alienate or offend anyone. I hope that I didn't! But I've put it under a cut, so feel free to skip it. Or if you want to look at the pictures and just skip the second paragraph. It is not my intent to convert you I was just trying to provide info for those not familiar with infant baptism/Christening. I love all of you!

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*Pastor John started his career as a country music songwriter. I don't know much country music, but he co-wrote: Jenny Come Back by Helen Darling, Look at Me Now and So Much For Pretending (both by Bryan White), and Imagine That by Diamond Rio.


Mar. 14th, 2013 09:29 pm
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up on some "list" because I had to buy Benadryl, Nyquil and Dayquil. I'm just saying. My house has been hit with sickness. We are crossing our fingers that Henry gets the least of it. It's all runny noses and sinusy stuff.

Here are some recent pictures of Henry:
This one is blurry, but shows his standing skills:
 photo 433e603d-e64f-42d9-8949-9da00f3d3ec4_zps29624118.jpg

This is him laughing as he eats a maple wheel (they dissolve fast, but teach chewing):
 photo IMG_0268_zps379cefe7.jpg
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Cut because I am extra ramble-y today!
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Minus pictures because I'm 90% through my data cap this month on my phone. Oops. Apparently Pixel People is addicting and a data suck, but now it doesn't go sync with icloud every time I try to open it.

Anyway, Henry. He is crawling like crazy and pulling up on things and he even tried to climb the stairs the other day. He is so funny. He says bye bye, mama, dada and nana. He's really good with dada and only says it to Patrick. He says bye bye at the right times, when someone is leaving or when he is going to sleep, but he sometimes says it to the wrong people. We will be taking him home from aunt nana's and he will tell Patrick and I bye bye instead of her. He had three teeth now. My aunt just called to ask if I had heard him grind his teeth. The third tooth just poked through on Saturday so I had not. She thought he had something in his mouth and rushed to get it out, but he was just grinding the little stub of a tooth on top onto the two he has on bottom. After I had my braces I would grind my teeth so loud that I would wake my mom up across the hall. I hope it's just cause it's new and not something he does all the time. We went to the Aquarium with my dad and stepmom and he was really good. He wasn't super interested in the fish, since there were so many people, but he really liked the shark tunnel. You walk through the tunnel and you can see the sharks above and on either side and he would watch them swim around. He also liked the penguins.
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This is his "mom, why are you taking another picture" face:

I don't think we look a lot alike, but here we have the same expression:

Henry crawling:

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Not sure why this didn't post right the first time!?! Hopefully it's fixed?
Well, Henry figured out crawling this weekend:
See next entry.

I want to review NCIS LA, but my DVR didn't grab it so I will have to rewatch it on the computer sometime. There are things that I want to make sure I mention about it. I am really excited about the next episode!
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We knew Henry had caught the cold that Patrick and I had, but it didn't seem bad until Saturday night. His pediatrician's office has an urgent call line and a nurse from children's hospital calls you back within two hours (when they are closed). His cough got wet and his breathing was occasionally crackly. The nurse told us to steam up the bathroom and sit with him in there for 30 min and to get a humidifier. We did both and today he almost sounded worse. So I called the doctors office as soon as they opened and got an appt for 3. He has bronchiolitis (which in adults is a cold, but with babies, the bronchial tube is so small when it gets infected and swells, it's hard for them to breathe) and because he has that he got an ear infection. They ended up giving him two breathing treatments at the office and sending the breathing treatment apparatus hom with us to do treatments every four hours (when he's awake). He HATES it! He literally screams himself to sleep during the treatments. They make the masks in fun animal faces, but he's too little to care. What makes me hurt for him the most is that he keeps smiling even when he sounds like an old-timey radio. We go back on Wednesday to see if he's better.

Here's a picture of my little man after he fell asleep during the second treatment.
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Under the cut is a discussion (hopefully) of NCIS LA last night. So spoilers!!
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These are the pictures Patrick took for our Christmas card:

This is him with Santa:
He actually loved Santa, I think it had to do with the fur on Santa's outfit, but he cried when we took him away.
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This is what happens when my mother-in-law comes over:
The cowboy boots are three sizes too big, but they used to be Patrick's so it was really cute.

This was him this morning. We normally don't have to wake him up, he wakes us up, but he was still really sleepy here:
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My little guy dressed up like a dragon:

We went trick or treating with friends and people kept trying to give us candy and so I just started putting in my pockets.

Also, in news of the weird, I got a letter to my maiden name from a federal prison inmate yesterday. Patrick was like "is there something I should know?" Turns out I'm not Lisa aka "Biggie". But he paid somebody to find this girl that he is still in love with, so I'm going to have to write him back. He is in prison cause he "end up shooting this white chick for really no good reason". But he got Baptized a few weeks ago and he's "just trying to reach out to his fam". I kinda want to try and find her for him, but I feel like I should at least let him know that I'm not who he's looking for.
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I go to see my new therapist for the second time today. She had me watch a documentary called Happy, which I really enjoyed. She seems like a good fit and I'm glad. She was also willing to talk about all the things that were bothering me, not just the worst one.

I told Patrick's mom and dad that I wanted to get Henry christened and that went over a lot better than I thought. I figured they would be iffy about getting him christened in the Lutheran church, but they just said that of course they would want to be there. The problem now is finding a way of getting them and Patrick off from church on the same Sunday.

My stepmom is going off her meds for a sleep study, but I could tell them that that is a terrible idea. She called last night and left a message saying they hadn't heard from me in weeks and weeks (I called last weekend and talked to my dad). Sorry, I have a new therapist so you all shouldn't have to listen to me whine.

Henry is reaching for things and has found his feet. Unfortunately, he's so long he can't get his feet to his mouth (where he puts everything). We are almost certain he is starting to teeth and so he is kinda on the fussy side. He really hates 'tummy time' which is supposed to help babies develop muscles for crawling. My theory is that he's never seen anyone crawl, even my cousin's son that he is with during the week is walking and so he has no interest in crawling he is ready to walk. Unfortunately his body isn't with him on that, but he loves his jumperoo and exersaucer and can turn himself all the way around in both contraptions. He rolls onto his stomach and then gets really mad that he's on his stomach. Yeah, I'm totally that person who shows everyone pictures of my baby.

Henry in his play-yard(I swear we have pants for him, but no one but me will put them on):

Just after a bath:
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Okay, I give up, I cannot figure out how to do a collage in the 'new and improved' photobucket. Can anyone help? It used to be under the edit icon and now the only thing is just to add it on top of other photos, which does me no good


Henry is now 12lbs of baby. He is only waking up once or twice a night. And he is smiling and laughing.

I'm back!

Jun. 13th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Guys, meet Henry Neal Tiberius...


This is us the day he came home from the hospital
Here is him with Patrick

He is such a good baby. He cries when he is hungry and that's really all. At night he mostly just wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep. He came a month early, but he is doing wonderfully. He is gaining weight like a pro (we all overachieve with weight in our house). He was born on May 9, he weighed 6lbs 4ozs. At his last dr. visit he was 7lbs 7ozs and had gained 10oz in 6 days! The nursery is finally finished, so I no longer have to worry about someone calling Hoarders on me.

Recent happenings that are un-baby related: I took a zumba class last night. My sister-in-law is staying with us the first part of each week this summer for an internship and she found a class. We forgot to take water, I wore sweatpants and the air was out at the church, but I had really good time. My dad and my stepmom are moving down Friday. My dad will be here for Father's Day. Now I have to figure out if we are the type of family that hangs out of Father's Day. I called my stepmom the other day to check in and she informed me that if we are going to have a relationship I'm going to have to stay in contact. I explained that that's slightly difficult right now with Henry, but sure. Also, I really am not sure she understands that the phone works both ways. She is very clingy and so people tend to not want to be around her all the time and she thinks if you don't constantly call or whatever that you hate her. It's exhausting sometimes.

I missed talking about the NCIS and NCIS:LA finales with you guys. I loved both! Holy Crap the bomb and then Ducky. Also, I love that it was the elevator that Tony and Ziva were trapped in, although wouldn't you assume that bombs like fires would be a stair only situation? And Callen what? I ended up going into labor after the ep where Deeks and Kensi had to pretend to be married so I couldn't squee about that either. Although maybe that's what pushed me into labor!
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Update: Henry Neal Tiberius was born May 9 at 7:37pm. He did great and was6lbs and4oz. He got to stay in the room with us until yesterday afternoon when they were concerned about him not keeping his blood sugar up and they wanted to monitor his breathing. So I had a bit of a breakdown when they wheeled him to the nicu. I'm better now and have gotten some sleep. He's doing really well but he probably won't go home with me today. They have to wait on a culture because they didn't have time to do a strep test. I'd be grateful for thoughts and prayers, but know that he is mostly really heathy and strong, just normal late term preemie baby issues. Also at 6lbs he looks like gigantor baby next to the others in nicu.

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