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We had a wonderful wedding. It was beautiful and it went smoothly. Everybody said they had a wonderful time. And we have been married for almost two weeks now. He made me breakfast the other morning and cooked dinner last night.
I have had my mom being sick to worry about, but it is okay right now and she is going back to the gynecelogical oncologist next week to talk about surgery. Just wanted to update for the three or four people who read my insane ramblings.

The what?

Mar. 8th, 2006 11:16 am
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It about 11 weeks I'm getting married. Where did that time go? I'm not complaining, I'm actually very excited and nervous. It just was crazy, I was counting and thought I had missed a month or something. Things to do, things to do. I'll try and post again sometime soon.
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No I mean literally. I share a table with another lady and we work in this little space that has the air intake for the whole building and I think it's making me sick. But I have my wedding dress, shoes and veil so all is right with the world all we need now is a church and a reception place (if dif. from the church). We have the officiant, I know who's doing the cake and who's doing the flowers, 3/5 bridesmaids have dresses and my dad offered to pay for the reception and my mom took me moving out really well. I'm pretty happy. Plus I'm marrying a wonderful person! And allegedly the working in a hole is only temporary, until construction gets done, only we've been in the hole for two weeks now and they haven't even started construction. I don't think that they are going to finish by their estimated date of Feb. 1st. Anyway I just felt like sharing.
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I have been lax in my lj updates. The wedding is rushing towards us and we are trying to be prepared. The move went well, and I thoroughly enjoy the apt. I miss my mom, but she visits. I've had a sinus infection the past couple of days, but am feeling on the better side of bad. That's pretty much it, I think.
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I've found a wedding dress that I love. I'm moving out on my own. In six months I'll be a married woman. I'm so excited and very nervous. Most things couldn't be going better. Mom's talking to me again. I am almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm at the top of the wheel right now. And other sentimental crap. Thanks for listening.


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