Jul. 31st, 2012 08:57 am
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It's raining. My umbrella was in my office at work. I went to the Starbucks to get a little breakfast. And ended up wiping out in the middle of the Starbucks. Arms and legs flailing falling. It was super embarrassing and now my knee hurts.
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Patrick's sugar crashed about four this morning. He was drinking coke and it was still dropping. It got down to the fifties (normal is 70-130). Then right after he got his sugar under control Henry decided that 4:30 was a good a time as any to wake up for the day. I have been really dizzy the last few days. I have also been really down lately. My meds were working fine until I started back on birth control. I don't know if the dizziness and/or depression has anything to do with that, but that's all that I can think of that's different. Anyway, I'm completely useless today.
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I am going to buy new shoes tonight because the eights I bought don't fit anymore. Normally I wear a seven. We aren't allowed to wear flip flops at work and right now they are the only thing that I can squeeze my feet into. My boss said just to get nice looking house shoes, but that seems tacky. Not that I dislike tacky...
Also, I don't know if I mentioned it, but the water retention is causing carpal tunnel in both my hands. I have to ask for help with a lot of things. Patrick is thrilled because I don't ask for help, ever. It's a thing I have and so now he feels good cause he can help me. My hands are constantly either numb or hurting, which is really frustrating. I have a glove for the right hand because it's worse, but it even wakes me up at night (although I would be up for the bathroom either way). But, Patrick asked yesterday if I knew it would be this difficult if I would have done it anyway and yeah I totally would have. I really have had an easy pregnancy until the last few weeks and I only have until June 11 (allegedly).
I went to see Avengers and loved every minute of it. Well the hands are giving out, but I wanted to check in with everyone.
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I use photobucket for my [community profile] ncis_verse challenges. I went there today and everything is cool until I try to edit and then everything is different. Everything! It doesn't even look like the same site. I understand that most of these changes are helpful and/or upgrades, but I don't do well with change and it was all different! Instead of words, it was an icon of what that button did (allegedly). I know I sound whiny and stupid, but I was just getting the hang of graphics and I'm tired and irritable and that was just not what I needed.

So ill

Jan. 3rd, 2012 09:44 pm
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I started throwing up (etc) about 7 last night and I could finally keep water down about 4am. Then around 1pm I tried to take a shower and almost passed out. Apparently when you can't eat or drink anything your blood sugar drops. I have not been that sick since high school. I don't know if it was food poisoning or a stomach bug , but I am still so weak.

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So I just heard from Casey and she just heard from the Cayman temp agency and with them she just gets a 6-month visa. She said she might stay longer, but that she's gonna see how things go. Yay! Six months is way better than two years. I won't get my hopes way up though. I'm one of those optimists that just assumes everything is going to go the worst wrong it can possibly go and when it doesn't it makes me happy. That's an optimist right?

On a somber note, my neighbor that has had cancer for years just got moved to hospice. The cancer has gone to her brain and the drs. say she has maybe a month. Before I got my full-time gig I used to take her to water therapy (she has really severe arthritis, too). When I took her the first time, they were like oh you have help go get changed, so I helped her get dressed. And take her to get groceries or go get them for her, just whatever she needed. And I learned how to give shots, that was kinda fun though. I had taken her and my friend Jack, who was kinda homebound, to raise. Then, I got my full-time job and met Patrick and couldn't take care of them much anymore. Jack understood, we went by the day we got married in between our wedding and reception and he passed shortly after that. But, by that point she kind of expected me to do that stuff and she was mad that I "wouldn't" help her anymore. She actually told me she "guess(ed) I just forgotten about her then". I have said bad things about the way she treated people when I have no right to judge, but I just don't think I can go see her. I want to go visit, but it reminds me of my mom and I just am not that strong. I don't want her to think I don't care, but I just can't. I'm going to try calling her and sending cards, but I just came home last night and cried.

Sorry, didn't mean to end all depressing.
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I'm going to wallow in misery for a minute and then move on so if you want to skip this first bit that's okay. My friend that was going to the cayman's got the job, so gone for two years and who know's what she'll do when she get's back. Right now, she's gotten a job with a temp agency, which is (office work) pretty much what she was doing here. With the exception of M.E. and Rachelle all of Patrick's friends wives/girlfriends are VERY girly. That's just not me and so we don't have a lot to talk about. And the ones that are normal have full-time jobs and kids and they live an hour away. Both my best friends are going. I love Patrick, but I just need someone to complain about him to and talk about how cramps suck and just not my "facial routine". Anyway.

I have made the biggest knitting accomplishment since I learned how, I was inspired by Samilia's(I don't know how to make the names all highlighted, it's been a while since I last did it) wristwarmers so when Mawy was over on Friday she helped me pick out a pattern and I now have learned how to circular knit and how to cable and I have an awesome pair of wristwarmers! Yay!

Also, we went to middle of nowhere Virginia on Sunday and drove around for 3 or 4 hours. It's a long story, but we saw buffalo and zebra. I kid you not someone had zebras for pets or Patrick said maybe livestock. Okay 1, where do you get zebras? Is there a catalog, do you need a special permit. 2, if they're livestock what do they do? Can you ride them, milk them, or (eww) eat them? We really thought his mom had lost her mind when she said "hey, look zebras". Also we were in a "town" that was so small the people in the car from Tazewell were mocking it! I swear I was not drunk and had not consumed any non-prescribed drugs and their were four other people who saw it too.
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Nothing really exciting for me, just a regular week except for the snotty, coughing fits. The house feels like home, the condo is still an absolute disaster area. My supervisor's husband has some sort of blood disease, something about his marrow not producing enough blood, it doesn't look that good. She's had a really rough year and I feel bad for her. I am reading "The Poisonwood Bible" and it just makes all the bad things in my life seem trivial. Sometimes I forget how really good I have it. We saw Juno which was awsome and it has a really good soundtrack. I watched Stardust again last night, I had forgotten how much I liked the movie. I got invited to join a book group read the 642 page novel and then was so sick I couldn't go to the meeting. What really was bad was that the book kinda sucked and I wanted to tell them that, but oh well maybe I'll like the next book better. I also have a knitting group now, it's so nice to just get to work on something and not feel like you should be doing something else, plus you get to hang out and talk. Is good! I guess that's it.

Oh Rachelle, if you see this before you leave to come up here could you bring Love Hina 3, 4 and 5 or however many. I really like it.
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Well today is already a better day than yesterday. I split my pants open at the zipper yesterday in the one dept. with more than one guy. So the zipper is in the back and I'm holding it together until I can get to a sweater to tie around my waist and then everyone needs something from me. I finally get the sweater and manage to call Patrick and get him to bring me more pants. He gets here and I start to change only I can't get my split pants off cause it's the zipper that messed up so it took me 15 min. to finally get changed. However, I manage to laugh about it and not just break down in tears.


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