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I don't do well with change. One of my best friends at work is leaving today at noon to move to Austin, TX. I gave her a card to tell her how much she meant to me and how much I would miss her, but I'm feeling super out of control. Most of the time people try to warn me way in advance when they are leaving or looking to leave, but she just had time to give a two week notice. Also, three other friends are on vacation this week, so (fair warning) [livejournal.com profile] carolinecrane and [livejournal.com profile] novellover I might be visiting you a bit more. We are switching offices around and painting (which is the kind of organizational change I can handle). I also put my cat to sleep last week. It's just a lot all at once. On a good note, the medicine I'm on is working really well with the anxiety and depression. Yay!
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So everyone above me on the admin floor is out and I'm in charge. Three different people were telling me how to do the "have-tos" in their jobs(payroll corrections, deposits and change, and branch supporty things). Only one of them forgot to tell me that instead of names and words, they use number codes. Okay so I finally figure that one out. And for some reason people are sick today, which really normally never happens. Then I get a call about someone who has food poisoning and can't work tomorrow. Y'know, most people don't want to work on Saturdays, crazy library people are no different, they all have "things to do" or "places to go", yea whatever. Just kidding I don't mind being told no, I would've quit long before now if I did. Then, this crazy lady I work with who is probably in her mid-fifties (she has a 35 year old son) decides that it's miniskirt day (it varies between miniskirts and thongs) and I just didn't need to see that evar! But I get back to the library, fighting graduates and their families who can't seem to read or see the walk/no walk flashy signs. Apparently they don't teach symbols in college. So I get back and my eyes start itching and swell up and now my ears are itching and we've decided that it's all the power gone to my head. That was really all I wanted to say, but somehow it turned into a play by play of my day.
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I just watched Baby Bookworms(it's like storytime for babies). They sing and jump and "play" instruments. They are all mostly under 2. Soo cute. And the Children's Room staff made muffins, cookies and cupcakes. Also one of my friends gave me an Office(tv show) valentine. Patrick gave me itunes cards and a necklace(that I love) and apparently there's more... Anyway good day so far and so adorable. I love little girls in pigtails.
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No I mean literally. I share a table with another lady and we work in this little space that has the air intake for the whole building and I think it's making me sick. But I have my wedding dress, shoes and veil so all is right with the world all we need now is a church and a reception place (if dif. from the church). We have the officiant, I know who's doing the cake and who's doing the flowers, 3/5 bridesmaids have dresses and my dad offered to pay for the reception and my mom took me moving out really well. I'm pretty happy. Plus I'm marrying a wonderful person! And allegedly the working in a hole is only temporary, until construction gets done, only we've been in the hole for two weeks now and they haven't even started construction. I don't think that they are going to finish by their estimated date of Feb. 1st. Anyway I just felt like sharing.


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