Mar. 2nd, 2011

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There is a new character on NCIS and I hate her. I mean I really shouldn't feel this way about someone who isn't real, but I felt like crying (from anger at this broad) at the end of the episode and that's just not normal. I think my feelings toward her might be influenced by the fact that I am still adjusting to new meds and also my innate dislike of blondes. I'm hoping that I'm still adjusting because today I have felt very off. I also recently cried for two hours about freakin Spartacus because they make you love people and then kill them. Maybe, I should take a break from tv.

In other news I saw my high school friend Crazy *****'s dad on tv (he is the principle of a local school). I recognized him right away and the first thoughts in my head were that his wife had threatened to kill herself because he had taken up smoking and this was just a few short years after they told my friend (at age twelve!) that her dad was actually her step-dad. Her mom was and most likely still is a guidance counselor at a local school, she gave advice to children (unacceptable). No wonder she was crazy!

My cousin ended up having her baby a month early and he had a little trouble breathing at first, but the family is all home now and resting. I made it to the hospital about an hour before they did the emergency c-section last Tuesday.


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