May. 19th, 2011

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Feel free to skip if you don't watch NCIS. Sorry it's so long.

I have a tendency to be very nit-picky and very unforgiving with TV shows (also random), just fair warning. I thought that the episode was poorly laid out with big plot holes. It was not the worst episode I've ever seen, but it definitely was not SF material.

Ziva/Ray-She's specifically says "We have not spoken" and then a few hours (possibly a day) later she's calling him her boyfriend and being all sad cause she didn't get a ring. Which as a side note, you want make a promise make a promise, don't give them a friggin empty box. Seriously, who does that. Also, she's never going to be the most important thing in his life, which would be fine if I thought she could be okay with that. And I understand that agents of The Agency are supposed to be unaffected but Ray didn't seem upset enough that Ziva was missing. Hell, even Kort was a little on edge.

Ziva-I don't recognize her sometimes. I understand that she has been through a lot, but I'm sorry wasn't she trained by Mossad. So, when the door pops open and she don't immediately see Ray why was her gun not out? I mean come on!?! I understand her not taking backup, but 1.they are after a serial killer who is relatively intelligent 2.she knows said serial killer has his unlisted cell phone number of her "boyfriend" 3.Said "boyfriend" is sort of missing. Also, why was she not at Franks funeral?

E.J.-I didn't go into this episode liking her character. When they first started talking about the end of the season and Gibbs would have to deal with all this personal stuff I really thought they were going to go with "oh well Kelly didn't really die and now she is non other than E.J. Barrett". So her being Sleazy McSecNav's niece is fine. However, I got really tired of them saying "you're a good agent" and "it wasn't your fault". Really!?! When she was disobeying a direct order from the director, was that her being a good agent? Or maybe it was when she left her team to bleed? Oh, I bet it was when she got captured when she was distracted by the clapping monkey that she KNOWS is what Cobb uses as a distraction. This is not kindergarten, everyone does not get a ribbon for showing up. They split, which as a group of three is probably a bad choice, but leaving your team when you know they are injured and not bothering to at least make sure help is on the way is not okay, I don't care who your uncle is. Also, Ducky is going to notice that post-mortem cut on Levin's arm. That being said I thought Sarah Jane Morris did a very good job with what she was given.

Operation Frankenstein-So they pimped out Vance's office, but last week they showed the Operation Frankenstein:the movie in MTAC. So, why couldn't they have just walked next door? Also, Gibbs was talking to Ducky and Palmer about it and Tony and Kort were outside discussing it. Last week, they told Mike Franks about it and he hasn't been an agent for at least eight years. So, it's black ops and super secret except they are just telling people on the street about it. Next they are going to take their "secret" door to door with pamphlets.

Palmer and Cobb-When Palmer got back on the elevator and he and E.J. were talking about his wedding I immediately thought he was a goner. I mean, here again is the fairly intelligent serial killer and they only have him in cuffs and with one guard and E.J. I mean, he's already told Ziva who he didn't kill his master plan. Also, when and where did he manage to have two hostages, one of whom has fed training, and then pick up Kort? I mean I know Kort might have little trouble seeing him coming, but they could at explain how that went down. Although, Palmer getting married and being in the action was probably my favorite part of the episode.

Abby/McGee-so adorable. I love how amazing Sad/AngryAbby is. I wish they gave McGee more to do, that way maybe he could afford a cookie. I like them and I like them in this episode, I just wish we could see more of them.

Gibbs-I love that he build Mike Franks casket. It was beautiful and NCIS does some amazing funerals.

Vance and SecNav "Harvey Dent"-I just really was not expecting "hey buddy" and then "your opinion is invalid, we don't need you". Maybe SecNav you should be on medication for that really terrible case of multiple personality disorder you have going on there. And I get whiplash trying to figure out if they want me to like or loath Vance.

Tony-I liked him overall in this ep. He wasn't acting a fool and he was worried about Ziva ("diffrent"ly than other people)! I just feel like we've played the Tony is undercover and no one knows card already.

Anyway I didn't mean for it to be this long, but apparently I had a bunch to say. Feel free to disagree, but please be kind in your assessment of my assessment.


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