Feb. 15th, 2013

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AN: Thank you to [personal profile] carolinecrane for betaing. I don't really get into Valentine's day, but this got stuck in my head so...

“Hey, Kens, what’s in your hair?” Callen asks as they stand to head upstairs to ops.
“It’s probably some lint,” Kensi replies.
“Or crumbs,” Deeks interjects with a sly smile.
“Huh, you’re so funny!” Kensi says, scrunching up her face to mock him.
“No, it’s red and...here just..let me...Kensi, why is there a rose petal stuck under your ponytail?” Callen asks while he and Sam become suddenly very interested in this conversation.
“I didn’t know you were seeing anyone. G, did you know she was seeing anyone?” Sam joins in.
“I did not. Who is this gentleman caller who somehow got you to lie in rose petals?” G presses.
“Guys, there is no guy. It’s Valentine’s day, I probably just brushed past some flowers.”, Kensi lies.
“Hold up, Sam, is she really trying to pull off lying to our faces?”
“G, I think she is.”, Sam says unable to keep from laughing at the thought. “And do you know what else...Deeks has been awfully quiet this whole time.”
“Yeah, Deeks, you’re never this quiet. What gives?”, G says.
“Woah, guys, leave me out of this, I thought we were trying to find out who Kensi got flowers from.”
“And you call yourself a detective. Tsk ,tsk.”, Sam admonishes.
“No, Deeks, Kensi didn’t get flowers from someone. She let someone lay her on a surface with rose petals scattered.”, G explains.
“So?” Deeks retorts, a little offended that his detective skills are being questioned, but even more worried that he and Kensi are about to be figured out.
“Excuse me, guys, I’m right here, why are talking about me like I’m not here? Better yet, why are we talking about this at all?” Kensi tries but fails to get the guys to drop it.
“So, Deeks, it means that Kensi let someone be romantic on Valentine’s day.”, Sam adds.
“Not only that, but if it was romantic, it wasn’t a one night stand or a first date.”, Callen smirks.
“She’s dating someone and she isn’t talking about him.”, continues Sam.
“Which means one of two things, she doesn’t want us to know about him or...”
“Or” Kensi interrupts, “she doesn’t want you involved in her private life.”
“Okay, well, that could be it if you hadn’t told us about every single date you’ve been on since you started working here.”, G argues.
“Okay, look, guys, just drop it, it’s none of your business and I’m sorry, aren’t we at work?” Kensi states.
Everyone files into ops and gets details on a new case. They start to leave, checking their phones for addresses.
Getting into the car, Kensi punches Deeks before he even gets his seatbelt on.
“Ow, what was that for?” Deeks says as he rubs his arm.
“ ‘I thought we were just trying to find out who got Kensi flowers.’ Really?! This is all your fault y’know.”, Kensi accuses.
“I’m sorry, my fault? I was being romantic and sweet and it’s not my fault that you didn’t check your hair for leftover petals.” Deeks smirks at her. “Sweetheart, if you want to give the ring back...”
“That’s not what I said,” Kensi blurts out, touching the ring she’s wearing on a necklace, “I just wasn’t expecting an interrogation this morning.”
“I know we weren’t planning on telling them right away, but it might be the only way to keep them from tailing you and bugging your phone.”, Deeks explains, brushing his knuckle down her cheek before grabbing her hand in his.


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