Feb. 22nd, 2013

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Minus pictures because I'm 90% through my data cap this month on my phone. Oops. Apparently Pixel People is addicting and a data suck, but now it doesn't go sync with icloud every time I try to open it.

Anyway, Henry. He is crawling like crazy and pulling up on things and he even tried to climb the stairs the other day. He is so funny. He says bye bye, mama, dada and nana. He's really good with dada and only says it to Patrick. He says bye bye at the right times, when someone is leaving or when he is going to sleep, but he sometimes says it to the wrong people. We will be taking him home from aunt nana's and he will tell Patrick and I bye bye instead of her. He had three teeth now. My aunt just called to ask if I had heard him grind his teeth. The third tooth just poked through on Saturday so I had not. She thought he had something in his mouth and rushed to get it out, but he was just grinding the little stub of a tooth on top onto the two he has on bottom. After I had my braces I would grind my teeth so loud that I would wake my mom up across the hall. I hope it's just cause it's new and not something he does all the time. We went to the Aquarium with my dad and stepmom and he was really good. He wasn't super interested in the fish, since there were so many people, but he really liked the shark tunnel. You walk through the tunnel and you can see the sharks above and on either side and he would watch them swim around. He also liked the penguins.


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