Jul. 11th, 2013

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I have been thinking about this all day. I don't know that I have sufficient words for what I want to say, but I need to say it. Cote de Pablo who plays Ziva David on NCIS is leaving. Lots of speculation about money or family or whatever. Why is not important to me. I'm angry and hurt, because someone important to me is being taken away. If you have never loved a fictional character then you probably can't understand this and I'm not sure why we are friends. I love Ziva. I identify with certain things in her life and I feel close to her. I don't want to lose her, because Ziva David has changed my life. I am appreciative that Cote de Pablo is willing to come back long enough to "bring closure to Ziva," but I wanted to be able to say good bye as a group and I wanted she and Tony to ride off into the sunset. I kept thinking that maybe next year Tony and Ziva would get together and now there won't be a next year. I am not in any way trying to disregard the other actors and characters on this show, but you also have to admit that Ziva was a huge part of this show and this fandom. I understand that the show is a group effort and I am not giving up on the show all together, I just hurt. There is so little time to 'wrap up' eight years of someone and I feel slighted. I feel slighted that they never talked about Somolia and I feel slighted that they never got Tony and Ziva together. I don't want them to replace her and I don't want to see her killed off or giving up. I want to sit down and cry. Ziva is why I have a Hebrew a day calendar and partially why I am so interested in Judaism. She is beautiful and strong and I don't know how to say goodbye.


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