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So she went to an obgyn yesterday and he said that based on the reports, he didn't think it sounded like cancer. He wants to have another ultrasound with him in the room so that he can look at what he needs to look at. He said that most times you can tell with ultrasounds any more whether it's cancer. I'm very glad that he has made them feel better, but I am not going to get super hopeful until they know for sure. The Doctor seemed really positive, but I was talking to my dad who literally told me everything was fine when they told him to go home an get affairs in order.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts! I'm going to have to talk to one of the pastors at church because I'm going through a crisis of faith. Not because of Jackie being sick, but just a lot of other things mostly to do with my mom dying. Anyway, I appreciate all of you so much!

We ended up having to replace the hot water heater that we've had for a little over 5 years. One of the pipes coming out of the top where it connects with the house pipe corroded and was dripping for an indeterminate amount of time. Which rusted the top of the hot water heater and fried the wiring, so we were lucky the house didn't burn down around us! So that's fixed, it only took four days. I was telling Patrick and some friends that occasionally I take cold showers anyway just so that if I was ever in a Turkish prison the cold shower would at least not be so bad. Apparently, that's weird.
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Just a quick post to let you guys know that my step-mother is no longer in acute renal failure, but that's the good news. The bad news is two parted, the did a ct scan to see if they could find anything and they found diverticulum in her intestines and a cyst on her kidney. That was just the first look, then they found a unidentified mass attached to the ovary (they left when they removed her girl guts because it was attached oddly). So they went to the doctor and she seemed pretty concerned, but never mentioned cancer, but then gave them the full report which said cancer was a pretty good possibility. I'm just glad they called, so that I know and can process. So send up prayers and good thoughts and I'll let you guys know when I hear something else.
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My step-mom went into acute renal failure on Sunday. One doctor put her in the hospital even though it was borderline renal failure, but then another doctor came in and told her she shouldn't be there, that she should just go home and stop oding on diuretics. I think her doctor has her talking like eight because she was so filled up with fluid. So after she fought with the second doctor she checked herself out against medical advice.

Then she tries calling her regular doctor and her argues with her about renal failure and diuretics. They end up deciding to drop the diuretics, but she still ends up taking one because her bp skyrocketed. I can't seem to get the right information from any of them. My dad texted to say that they didn't have any new info the next day and I wanted to yell because I didn't actually have any information at that point.

She's supposed to go for bloodwork today. She didn't like her gi doctor, apparently he said that all doctors up north were useless. He also could have said that it's a shame her doctors didn't catch her cirrhosis of the liver and she just took it wrong. Anyway, she's sure that he has put something in her chart about being difficult.

I just want more information.
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Cut because I am extra ramble-y today!
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My aunt called yesterday to say that her husband has shingles and that he should stay away from kids and pregnant ladies (my cousin is pregnant again!) and my aunt told them that those were the only people they saw. Anyway I called Henry's doctor this morning and she said that as long as the lesions(I really dislike that word) were covered then it should be fine for him to be there. Which is good because the only other option was sending him to my dad's house.

Speaking of my dad I went up and visited yesterday. My stepmom cried a lot and talked about how she had considered killing herself when they moved down here. N (my step nephew/adopted half brother) rode with me and Henry to where we were all eating. We talked about video games and how he would show Henry Left for Dead when he was older. I called him Uncle N and he then said to me "yeah, but I'm not going to be one of those uncles that molests the kid." I laughed and he said no I'm serious. I told him that I understood he was serious, but that I was just not expecting him to say that. He said "well I had to reach between his legs to get his pacifier and I just wanted you to know." I'm pretty sure he is on the autism scale. Sean and Jackie maintain that the only thing wrong with him is adhd. His impulse control and inability to judge social situations is eye-opening out in public. He asked for a gun for Christmas. They at least have the sense to know that he is not capable of being a responsible gun owner at this time(or possibly ever). I told them about teen classes at the range where Patrick is a member so hopefully if they ever consider getting him a gun they will send him there. Also, not that I had considered it, but he really is not going to be alone with Henry.

We have gotten Henry's Christmas gifts and when Patrick was little all his Santa gifts were under the tree unwrapped. Mine just had tags from Santa, but I like the unwrapped idea better. Is there anything special you all did for Christmas?
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I go to see my new therapist for the second time today. She had me watch a documentary called Happy, which I really enjoyed. She seems like a good fit and I'm glad. She was also willing to talk about all the things that were bothering me, not just the worst one.

I told Patrick's mom and dad that I wanted to get Henry christened and that went over a lot better than I thought. I figured they would be iffy about getting him christened in the Lutheran church, but they just said that of course they would want to be there. The problem now is finding a way of getting them and Patrick off from church on the same Sunday.

My stepmom is going off her meds for a sleep study, but I could tell them that that is a terrible idea. She called last night and left a message saying they hadn't heard from me in weeks and weeks (I called last weekend and talked to my dad). Sorry, I have a new therapist so you all shouldn't have to listen to me whine.

Henry is reaching for things and has found his feet. Unfortunately, he's so long he can't get his feet to his mouth (where he puts everything). We are almost certain he is starting to teeth and so he is kinda on the fussy side. He really hates 'tummy time' which is supposed to help babies develop muscles for crawling. My theory is that he's never seen anyone crawl, even my cousin's son that he is with during the week is walking and so he has no interest in crawling he is ready to walk. Unfortunately his body isn't with him on that, but he loves his jumperoo and exersaucer and can turn himself all the way around in both contraptions. He rolls onto his stomach and then gets really mad that he's on his stomach. Yeah, I'm totally that person who shows everyone pictures of my baby.

Henry in his play-yard(I swear we have pants for him, but no one but me will put them on):

Just after a bath:
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So I went to church yesterday and [profile] mawychick brought me breakfast that her husband had made. I had an egg and cheese biscuit and a biscuit with pumpkin butter. My throat started itching and my eyes started watering and I said "Mary did the pumpkin butter have sunflower seed oil, because I might be having anaphylaxis." So we called her husband and he sent a picture of the ingredient list. No sunflower seed oil, which means I am deathly allergic to something else also. We think it might be the nutmeg, which would make the most sense, since it is used with cinnamon a lot and I know I'm not allergic to cinnamon. And today I woke up with spots all over me. I don't know if it's a delayed secondary reaction or what. Patrick said nature was trying to kill me. I try to avoid the "all natural" things because they use sunflower seed oil rather than soybean oil. I actually had a mild allergic reaction just walking into the food co-op one time.
Other than that I had a good birthday. My dad and step-mom and the kids came and took us to lunch. The kids started school and they were telling me about that. Bless Jessica's heart she was so popular up in Jersey, she's having a hard time adjusting. Nathanial on the other hand has already made a hand full of friends and they only went two days last week.
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The quilt my Grandma made (you can't see the animal shapes in this picture, but they are there):

The Brown Bear quilt:

The back of the Brown Bear quilt("so he can run his cars on it"):

I'm back!

Jun. 13th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Guys, meet Henry Neal Tiberius...


This is us the day he came home from the hospital
Here is him with Patrick

He is such a good baby. He cries when he is hungry and that's really all. At night he mostly just wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep. He came a month early, but he is doing wonderfully. He is gaining weight like a pro (we all overachieve with weight in our house). He was born on May 9, he weighed 6lbs 4ozs. At his last dr. visit he was 7lbs 7ozs and had gained 10oz in 6 days! The nursery is finally finished, so I no longer have to worry about someone calling Hoarders on me.

Recent happenings that are un-baby related: I took a zumba class last night. My sister-in-law is staying with us the first part of each week this summer for an internship and she found a class. We forgot to take water, I wore sweatpants and the air was out at the church, but I had really good time. My dad and my stepmom are moving down Friday. My dad will be here for Father's Day. Now I have to figure out if we are the type of family that hangs out of Father's Day. I called my stepmom the other day to check in and she informed me that if we are going to have a relationship I'm going to have to stay in contact. I explained that that's slightly difficult right now with Henry, but sure. Also, I really am not sure she understands that the phone works both ways. She is very clingy and so people tend to not want to be around her all the time and she thinks if you don't constantly call or whatever that you hate her. It's exhausting sometimes.

I missed talking about the NCIS and NCIS:LA finales with you guys. I loved both! Holy Crap the bomb and then Ducky. Also, I love that it was the elevator that Tony and Ziva were trapped in, although wouldn't you assume that bombs like fires would be a stair only situation? And Callen what? I ended up going into labor after the ep where Deeks and Kensi had to pretend to be married so I couldn't squee about that either. Although maybe that's what pushed me into labor!
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We have the house inspection tomorrow and I'm really nervous. I mean Patrick's dad came and looked and said it looked to be in pretty good shape, but I still am nervous. I keep wanting to call my mom and tell her or show her the house, it's still so weird that she's gone. My friends are moving January 17th to the Cayman Islands, Casey is going to go look for a job and then get a work visa.
My great-aunt died last week, she was 92. We weren't really close with that side of the family, some sort of rift before I was born. There were only ten people at the funeral, she outlived all her sisters and brothers and her husband. Her daughter who's like 73 and her husband and kids (who are 48 and 46) don't really socialize, I guess, cause it was family and my cousin Spiz's receptionists. The pastor had these long pauses where it kinda seemed he spaced out for a while and then he would start right back up. It was really weird, but I guess I shouldn't expect anything else from my family.
My cousin's baby is doing really well, he "helped" decorate for Christmas. He was in one of those front kid backpacks and he grabbed at the lights and ornaments as she hung them up. I'm pretty sure he's tripled in weight so he's all healthy now. They aren't going to make it down to Christmas though and that sucks.
Oh and where did December go, I was doing my timesheet at work and it's two weeks until Christmas. I was doing so well, I started early since I was making some of the gifts and some of them might have to get a picture with a promise of a finished item. Luckily it's not anyone's only gift, so I won't feel so guilty. Well, I guess that's it for now.
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Well we have a new record for how long my cousin and aunt can go without fighting. It seems they can last 5 whole days(their former record was 2 days). Well we went out for the bachelorette party on Fri. We went to a drag show at the Carosel and then to karaoke. We sang Me and Bobbie McGhee and Baby Got Back. I know what your thinking maybe their drinking determined their choices and perhaps you're right. We were by unanimous decree...horrible. I think the critics were a little harsh, especially since it was my mom, but hey we were crowd fav. The wedding went off without a hitch. Catch you later.


Oct. 13th, 2005 04:21 pm
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I am getting off early from work tom., because I have to help with wedding things. I messured tuelle last night. And helped everyone decide what not to use in the wedding by telling them what I liked. It wasn't as bad as all that. I just nervous and stressy. It'll all be over Sun. night. Patrick's playing has impressed my family, even my mom! Well breaks over so I'll catch up later.
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It's been a while since I've updated. My cousin is getting married on Sunday and everyone in my family has gone nuts. Panic has ensued and nothing can stop the Jerry Springer worthy fight that I'm sure will take place at some point this week. I'm personally going to consider my self lucky not to fall on my ass walking down the aisle.


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