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Ugly day. Henry woke up at 3 and screamed for at least two hours. He didn't cry, he screamed. I still don't know why. Patrick and I took turns holding him and he would calm down and then start right back up. My head hurts and I think I forgot my medicine yesterday. Also, today would have been my mom's 59th birthday. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the graveside today. I've only been a handful of times, but I grew up going a lot with my mom to visit and put flowers and wreaths on her parents and grandparents. I don't want to ignore the fact that it's her birthday, but I'm not sure I want the pain that goes with acknowledging it either.
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We have the house inspection tomorrow and I'm really nervous. I mean Patrick's dad came and looked and said it looked to be in pretty good shape, but I still am nervous. I keep wanting to call my mom and tell her or show her the house, it's still so weird that she's gone. My friends are moving January 17th to the Cayman Islands, Casey is going to go look for a job and then get a work visa.
My great-aunt died last week, she was 92. We weren't really close with that side of the family, some sort of rift before I was born. There were only ten people at the funeral, she outlived all her sisters and brothers and her husband. Her daughter who's like 73 and her husband and kids (who are 48 and 46) don't really socialize, I guess, cause it was family and my cousin Spiz's receptionists. The pastor had these long pauses where it kinda seemed he spaced out for a while and then he would start right back up. It was really weird, but I guess I shouldn't expect anything else from my family.
My cousin's baby is doing really well, he "helped" decorate for Christmas. He was in one of those front kid backpacks and he grabbed at the lights and ornaments as she hung them up. I'm pretty sure he's tripled in weight so he's all healthy now. They aren't going to make it down to Christmas though and that sucks.
Oh and where did December go, I was doing my timesheet at work and it's two weeks until Christmas. I was doing so well, I started early since I was making some of the gifts and some of them might have to get a picture with a promise of a finished item. Luckily it's not anyone's only gift, so I won't feel so guilty. Well, I guess that's it for now.
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We had a wonderful wedding. It was beautiful and it went smoothly. Everybody said they had a wonderful time. And we have been married for almost two weeks now. He made me breakfast the other morning and cooked dinner last night.
I have had my mom being sick to worry about, but it is okay right now and she is going back to the gynecelogical oncologist next week to talk about surgery. Just wanted to update for the three or four people who read my insane ramblings.
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I have been lax in my lj updates. The wedding is rushing towards us and we are trying to be prepared. The move went well, and I thoroughly enjoy the apt. I miss my mom, but she visits. I've had a sinus infection the past couple of days, but am feeling on the better side of bad. That's pretty much it, I think.
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I've found a wedding dress that I love. I'm moving out on my own. In six months I'll be a married woman. I'm so excited and very nervous. Most things couldn't be going better. Mom's talking to me again. I am almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm at the top of the wheel right now. And other sentimental crap. Thanks for listening.


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