Dec. 21st, 2011

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Day 1 Besides the tree, favorite Christmas decoration.
Day 2 Favorite live action Christmas movie.
Day 3 Favorite Christmas song
Day 4 Favorite Christmas cookie recipe
Day 5 The ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve ever seen
Day 6 If you only had time to watch one Christmas movie all year which would it be?
Day 7 Favorite Christmas dessert recipe (not cookies)
Day 8 Favorite Christmas episode
Day 9 Least favorite Christmas movie
Day 10 The Grinch or Scrooge?
Day 11 Favorite Christmas scent
Day 12 A movie you can watch year round
Day 13 Who to you is the voice of Christmas music
Day 14 Least favorite Christmas song
Day 15 Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?
Day 16 Favorite Christmas movie character?
Day 17 Celebrity you most want to be under the mistletoe with
Day 18 Favorite animated Christmas movie
Day 19 Favorite quote about Christmas
Day 20 Favorite Christmas book

Day 21 Classic animated Grinch or Jim Carey as the Grinch? Original, all the way!
Day 22 Favorite Christmas dish recipe
Day 23 Favorite Christmas Story
Day 24 A photo of your Christmas tree
Day 25 Favorite portrayal of Santa in a movie?
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1. Favorite episode from season 1
2. Favorite episode from season 2
3. Favorite episode from season 3
4. Three favorite characters
5. Three characters you wish we’d see more of
6. Three characters you never want to see again
7. Favorite friendship
8. Best story arc
9. Top three ships (romantic or friendship)
10. Favorite Sam moment
11. Favorite Callen moment
12. Favorite Kensi moment
13. Favorite Deeks moment
14. Favorite Hetty moment
15. Favorite Nell moment
16. Favorite Eric moment
17. Favorite Nate moment
18. Favorite episode
19. Least favorite episode

20. Favorite song/piece of music
21. Favorite quote
22. Favorite case
23. Saddest moment
24. Funniest moment
25. Christmas wish - what do you wish would happen
26. An episode you’ve seen more than 3 times
27. Episode you shed the most tears in
28. Something you wish you could go back and change
29. Favorite cannon based fanfic
30. Most shocking/unexpected moment
31. Anything NCIS:LA related

Day #20 Favorite song/piece of music: I have literally thought about this for two days and I got nothing. I can't even think of a song I recall from the show.

Just so you know I'm not cutting, but some of the quotes might be spoilers for 3.10 The Debt.
Day #21 Favorite quote: I'm gonna have to pick one quote for each character.
Callen:Please tell me you didn't waterboard Nell. (The Debt 3.10)
Sam: Let her eat her feelings in peace. (Lockup 2.14)
Deeks: We're just here to make sure you're safe, all right? You don't have to talk about your dad if you don't want to. God knows I'm not talking about mine. Kensi, you feel like talking about your dad at all? Kensi: Not a chance. Deeks:See? We're all on the same page (Bounty 2.08)
Nate: What is the world coming to when drug dealers aren't even safe in the comfort of their own fortified homes? (The Only Easy Day 1.02)
Hetty: Haters gonna hate. (The Debt 3.10)
Nell:Has to do with being a type "A" with borderline ADD. And control issues with men I admire. It's something I'm aware of and working on and hope to have some measure of control over.(Special Delivery 2.04)
Kensi: No. I have plans! *Every* night for the rest of my life!
Eric: I broke the Internet.


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